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Articles & Worksheets

You will find articles and worksheets on: ADD/ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Depression, Teenagers, Relationships, Self-Nurture, Sexuality . . .

ADD/ADHD - Adult

7 ADD Myths Debunked´╗┐
25 Things I Love About ADD
6 Ways to Stay Focused
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Test
Guide to Adult ADHD - Women
Stop Procrastinating! ADHD Time Management Strategies

ADD/ADHD - Relationship

10 Ways to Ruin a Good ADD Relationship

ADD and Intimate Relationships


9 Way to Achieve Success at School
Classroom Accommodations
Homework 101

ADD/ADHD - Movies

Documentary Film on "ADD & Loving It" - 2009

The Attention Movie

ADD/ADHD - Resources

ADDitude Magazine
Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada
Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance
Totally ADD - Everything You Need to Know About Adult ADD

Anger Management

5 Steps to Stay Good with Anger
Defusing Your Partner
Helping Your Partner Defuse You


Anxiety Screening Quiz


Enough Fighting and Crying, Blaming and Struggling to Hold on!

Conflict Resolution

10 Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict: Worksheet

Tools to be Kind to Others: Worksheet

Why Do You Get Upset: Worksheet


Anti-Depressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace
Depression Screening Test
Quick Facts on Mental Health and Addiction in Canada
RESILIENCY - Ability to Recover Readily from Illness, Depression, Adversity, or the Like; Buoyancy

Nurturing a Relationship

What does love look like?
28 Steps to Build and Strengthen Your Love Relationship: Worksheet
Basic Rules and Skills of the Love Game
Causes and Cures of Relationship Problems
How Will We Love? (1.16hr Movie)
Love Will Automatically Erase Past Hurt
Making it Fair - Sharing Household Tasks: Worksheet

Nurturing Self

4 Keys to Being Happy
10 Rules for Emotional Health
Benefits of Talk Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Simplified
How to Create Boundaries not Walls
How to Heal Your Emotional Wounds
How to Make Everything Work to Your Advantage
Tips to Succeed the January Blues


Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome
Helping Children Understand Divorce
Parental Alienation Syndrome Video


20 Reasons to Have Sex When You Don't Feel Like It
Dissolving Sexual Differences
Gender Gap Facts
How to Reignite Intimacy in a Sexless Marriage


7 Spiritual Health Killers

A Plan for Developing Self-Control


5 Easy Ways To Make Your Job Better and More Secure 

Choosing the Career that's Right for You

How to Deal With Unreasonable Demands From Your Boss


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