What does love look like? 

Love is patient. Does not have a short fuse. Makes room in your heart for the faults of others. 

Love is kind. Kindness counters harsh with softness and generosity. It’s in the small details.

Love does not envy. It is not jealous. It doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. 

Love is not proud or arrogant. Admits it’s own mistakes. Love says I’m sorry.

Love does not dishonour others. Is not disrespectful or rude. Love doesn’t “just tell it like it is.

Love does not boast. It doesn’t scream: “NOTICE ME”! 

Love is not self-seeking. It does not demand it’s own way. Love will defer to others ideas.

Love is not easily angered. Isn’t snappy or snippy. It is not emotional outbursts.

Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love releases the need to get even. No scorecard. Not even a mental one.

Love doesn’t delight in evil. Love doesn’t revel when others grovel. 

Love isn’t selfish. Live for yourself and you’ll only have yourself to show for it.

Love always protects - protects dignity. Love doesn’t humiliate in public. Or criticize in front of the kids. Love protects the integrity of the relationship. 

Love always trusts. People tend to become what we believe them to be. Love gives the benefit of the doubt as long as there is reason to do so. 

Love always hopes. Love never gives up on people. 

Love always perseveres. Endures through all the circumstances.

Love chooses to assume the best, not the worst.  When there is a gap between expectations and behaviour, love chooses to have a high regard for the other.

Love chooses the most generous explanation and works from that position.

Love lifts up. It doesn’t tear down. Love never fails.

We have the choice as to how we respond relationally, don’t we? What if we were to ask of ourselves at different moments in the day, “What does love require of me”?

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