Emotional Wound First-Aid Kit: A Comprehensive Workbook for Healing and Optimal Emotional Health & Wellness
by John Schurmann

Finally, a FIRST AID KIT for emotional Health and Wellness

Are you handling your emotions or are your emotions handling you?

Life is full of emotional struggles - some small, some big. And while you may be coping fairly well, it's easy to suppress feelings, hold anger or resentment in the wake of rejection, hurt, injustice or abuse - and open sores can have a really tight grip on your life.

In Emotional Wound First-Aid Kit, John Schurmann offers specific step-by-step treatments that are fast, simple, and effective. He defines the causes of emotional wounds, and what you can do to repair, heal and maintain optimal health. Using real-life examples of transformed lives and drawing on 30 years of professional experience, Schurmann explains how to:

  • Assess the seriousness of an emotional injury,
  • Care for your emotional sores and support the healing,
  • Let go of the injustice, emotional injury or pain,
  • Forgive the person or event,
  • Restore damaged relationships and life dreams,
  • Protect and strengthen your emotions,
  • Become your best friend, to love, trust and forgive yourself,
  • Deepen and enrich your relationships and feel closer to your loved ones,
  • Believe in yourself and become a positive person,
  • ….and live your life like you always wanted!

Furthermore, the kit provides the central self-care skills to help you develop a healthy, vibrant and resilient mind, heart and spirit. Moreover, it can be used to develop your own self-help program or as an adjunct to therapy.

How Are You Managing Your Emotional Wounds? Let's find out!

If you answered YES to more than one of these statements, there is reason to suspect that an emotional injury, wound or pain is present in your life:

  • I don't forgive people
  • I hold anger or resentment
  • I often suppress my feelings
  • I have trouble trusting people
  • I choose to keep hurtful events a secret
  • I feel guilty and/or shame
  • I have trouble sharing my feelings
  • I still grieve the loss after so many years
  • I have never let go of betrayal, loss or hurt
  • I self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or work


Most people don't know how to nurse their emotional wounds.

Wounds that don't heal can contaminate every aspect of your life. Open wounds affect how you view the world, how you relate to others and how you conduct your life in general.

Because the FIRST AID KIT FOR EMOTIONS has been nonexistent most people don't know how to nurse their emotional wounds. Untreated emotional wounds can cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems. They can set off mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and addictions. They can wipe out relationships, add to job failures, obscure life's purpose or direction, and ultimately destroy life.

This workbook is full of stories of transformation. People who felt stuck, alone, in despair - finding the courage to face their emotional wounds, taking the risk to open up to their feelings, changing in ways they never imagined possible.

THE SAME CAN HAPPEN FOR YOUFor anyone who wants to restore and enhance their emotional, intellectual and spiritual health, this workbook will be an invaluable resource. Furthermore, the guide will provide the central self-care skills to help you develop a healthy, vibrant and resilient mind, heart and spirit. Moreover, it can be used to develop your own self-help program or as an adjunct to therapy.

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Emotional Healing Self-Help Community NEW! 
We love to hear from you, so I invite you to share your painful life experiences and how the emotional wound first-aid program helped restore your emotional health. And who knows - your own story could be the one that inspires someone else to look at their own emotional wounds, injuries and pain, and begin their own emotional healing.

People are inspired by the stories and experiences of others, and I hope the stories in the Emotional Healing Self Help Community inspire you.

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