Did you find the workbook helpful and why?

by Nela
(Ontario, Canada)

Yes, I found the workbook very helpful. It was clear and to the point, and it gave me real exercises to work through, including encouragement along the way, a reminder that I can connect with you anytime I need, and a resolution/solution at the end.

The perfect example would be where during a very scary time in my life I was able to talk to God as my inner child, fearful and needing someone to hold my hand. Admitting this fear and surrendering to being a scared little girl was so freeing and allowed me to cry and physically express myself in a way that I normally would try to hide as an adult who is supposed to be able to handle everything that comes her way.

1. Would you recommend this workbook and why?

I would definitely recommend this workbook, because it can be applied to anyone, regardless of age, situation, or religious or spiritual belief. The way it helps you to work through the different exercises is an approach that can be used by anyone who is looking for deeper meaning and help with issues.

2. Are there any parts in the workbook that were; unclear, confusing, not helpful or not necessary?

I did not find anything unclear or confusing, and what I liked about the book is that it was clear and to the point and brief enough that it didn't seem like a monumental task before me. The fact that I could work through it without any clutter was most helpful, because we're all under time pressure these days, and looking for instant results. While you don't necessarily get instant results from the book, as it does require some work to be done over time, it gives you immediate tasks and explanations that keep you going throughout the process.

3. Any comments/thoughts on making the workbook better?

I wouldn't change anything about the book. I found it to be just the right length and to the point. I often find myself reading books that have what I call "filler chapters" just to make the book longer, and I skip right past them, getting to the "real stuff". Your book is all about the real stuff and I did not find myself looking for more information - it gave me everything I needed to go through the steps required to heal.

I know I will read it again in the future, to address other matters in my life, and I am certain it will guide me again to the point where I feel empowered to handle whatever comes my way.

Thank you John.

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Nov 13, 2009
Very Encouraging
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Just buying an ebook over the web without seeing the content is nerve recking for me. But, hearing your personal experience with the workbook helps me in deciding to buy the ebook. Thanks Nela. And good luck with your journey.

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