Are you ready to get unstuck? Are you ready to make yourself happy? You know you can do more. But certain negative thought patterns, behaviours or habits are preventing you from making yourself happy and from enjoying your relationships, career or overall personal growth. We all have emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs - and ignoring too many of them for too long will eventually affect our ability to do anything at all.

As an experienced individual, couple and family psychotherapist, social worker and life coach, I help people feel better about themselves. Through my unique style in counselling, assessment, and coaching, we can begin the exciting journey to self-discovery, healing, and growth so you can live the life you were always meant to have.

My unique helping style 

I provide online counselling sessions 

If you…

  • have a busy schedule or travel frequently
  • find regular office visits challenging due to illness, weather, distance, or mobility issues
  • need access to a session during irregular hours
  • enjoy using your personal devices to communicate

Online appointments may be suitable for you. 92% of Canadians were highly satisfied after an online counselling appointment, and would do it again.

Should I invest in my emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness? 

YES! Over 90% of people who have completed counselling and life coaching report to enjoy a healthier self. It does not mean that you are abnormal or have a mental illness, but it does mean that you want to work on your own life: to understand your stress, to enhance your coping tools and to feel your very best.

If any of the following emotional health and wellness benefits are desirable then counselling and life coaching may be the right investment for you:

  • Great Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Respect and Trust in Self and Others
  • Depression & Anxiety Free Life
  • Good Work/Life Balance
  • Stable Personal, Social, Marital, Family and Work Life
  • Anger Free Life 
  • Emotional & Spiritual Wealth
  • Divorce Free Life
  • Sexual Satisfaction
  • Addiction Free Lifestyle

More Benefits of Talk Therapy! 


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I don’t think I could have taken the steps to make the shifts in my life if it wasn’t for your help.  I was extremely touched to see how elated you were that I was making these shifts.

Words can't really express the gratitude I feel in my heart for all the support you have given me...

You were God's answer to us in our darkest moment, and you played a pivotal role in helping to bring transformation...

My doctor is very impressed with the tools you have taught me and your guidance...

The lessons you taught me and the insight you provided into my soul has transformed me into a much better, healthy and happy person. I want to say thank you. You literally saved my life.

I felt he listened to my problems first, he understood, and then he advised/guided me to solve the problems. He did not rush me into anything. He was taking it slowly and at my pace. I highly recommend that John...

I saw my physician yesterday and mentioned that you are my "life coach". He asked me to be sure to pass along to you that you are doing a "fantastic" job. 

In the Emotional Wound First-Aid Kit: A Comprehensive Workbook for Healing and Optimal Emotional Health & Wellness, John Schurmann offers helpful and sometimes surprising insights into the causes of emotional wounds and what you can do to repair and heal them. 

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