I would like to welcome you and to commend you for taking responsibility for your health and wellness.

For over 25 years, I have empowered clients to successfully manage a myriad of personal problems and challenges for an improved quality of life.

As a counsellor, life coach and ADHD specialist, I draw on extensive experience to customize treatment that address each client’s mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and social needs. Unlike many counsellors who only focus on feelings, my expertise in life coaching is an additional specialty that benefits clients. My proven counselling techniques and practical life coaching tools provide quick results and equip clients with the know-how to self-manage their lives more effectively.

To treat the entire person, I help clients get a good understanding of their issues. Clients want to know why they are depressed or anxious. They want to know why they struggle with anger, an addiction or low self-esteem. Others are puzzled about how they got into an affair or why life has become difficult and are not able to make things better.

Once they have a good understanding of the issues, I help promote their natural life skill abilities. Every person has an innate ability to solve problems, but often the person is overly burdened or lacks the skills and cannot solve the issues.

I found that the majority of people need life skills training, whether it’s dealing with stress and anger or wanting to improve personal relationships. I coach couples to share their thoughts, feelings and needs properly. I teach active listening skills and problem solving techniques. I supplement the sessions with literature, readings, and assessment tools so that the clients have good tools to practice with.

These are proven methods that provide very quick results.

I also work with children and adolescents, including those with ADHD, addictions and behavioural problems at home and at school. If there is an issue with family dynamics, then I bring in the whole family. In order to solve a specific problem, you must see the big picture.

I work closely with teachers, mental health professionals and family doctors in a team effort to achieve positive results. In life coaching, people see me to improve time management skills, assertiveness, emotional and physical energy, and to learn strategies for reaching specific goals.

In recent years, more and more people, as well as employers, are recognizing the benefits of counselling and life coaching services. Many workplace health plans accommodate counselling services as part of employees’ benefits packages. The need has always been there, but, increasingly, individuals, businesses and institutions are seeking out counselling services.

My services are generally covered by third party insurance, which can be accessed through your extended health benefit plans.

If you are struggling then don’t wait until it is to painful. Remember every journey begins with a single step … forward. Thank you for listening and call now for help. Take your first step and schedule your appointment online now or call for help.