ADD/ADHD Resources

The Basics to Attention Deficit Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
About ADHD: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Never Caught Up, Never Balanced, Never Believed

23 Things No One Tells You About Having ADHD

What I Would Never Trade Away - POSITIVES of ADHD


7 ADD Myths Debunked
25 Things I Love About ADD
Adult ADD/ADHD Screening Quiz
Can't Focus? Strategies to Overcome Internal and External Distractions
Stop Ruminating or "Thinking Too Much"


Your Child's ADHD Is an Iceberg - must read!


Resources for ADHD Women
ADHD Symptom Checklist for Women
Moms with ADD/ADHD Online Support Group


ADD and Intimate Relationships
ADD Dating, ADHD Relationships: Help & Advice
10 Ways to Ruin a Good ADD Relationship

How Adult ADHD Affects Relationships: Strategies for Coping

How to Build Better Relationships: Advice for ADHD Adults


ADHD and Marriage Resources
Sex and ADHD


ADHD Time Management Tips and Information
ADHD Tools & Time Management Help
Get Organized with Adult ADHD
The INCREDIBLE (8 Day) Delta Planner


ADHD Parenting Tips for Attention Deficit Kids
The ADHD Information Library
ADHD Organization Help for Children
How to Make Friends with ADHD Children
What is ADHD - Explaining Attention Deficit to Children
Great Sports for ADHD Children
ADHD Teen Help: Parenting Advice
ADHD Parenting Advice: Real Stories

Limit Screen Time for Teens with ADHD for Parents - a must read!

Beyond Minecraft: How to Get Your Child to Log Off


9 Way to Achieve Success at School
Homework 101
Homework Help for ADHD Children at School
ADHD Math Help & Reading Tips
ADHD School Behavior & Social Skills
ADHD School Organization Help
ADHD School Help: Working with Teachers


ADHD and College/University Resources
ADHD College Survival Guide
How to Cram for Tests
Organization Help for ADHD College Students
Manage Your First Big Research Paper


ADHD Career Advice and Time Management Tips
Focus Tips at Work
ADHD Career Tips
How to Succeed at Work with Adult ADD
Should You Tell Your Boss About Your ADHD?


CENTRE FOR ADHD AWARENESS, CANADA Collection of Information and Insight about Adult ADHD
Additude Magazine for People with ADD/HD

Disability Tax Credit for ADHD or ADD

My ADHD Story

Prior to finding out that I have ADHD, I found myself in the grip of depression, anxiety, marital problems, social fears and low self-esteem - that made no sense to me...

ADD/ADHD Resources

Best help with: organization, focus, time management, school and university achievement, career and work success, dating, relationships, friendships, and marriage...

ADD/ADHD Support Group 

ADD/ADHD Online Community where you have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. 

Famous People Who Have ADHD

If you have ADHD, you are in very good company with the list of famous people who either have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or have many of the symptoms of this disorder that suggest they may have had it.