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I invite you to ask questions, share stories or provide advice on any life issue. Share your knowledge to help and encourage others on their life journey. (See what others are saying, go to end of page).

We have answers and so do you to share with the world!

The information offered is not intented to be a substitude for the advice and counsel of your doctor, mental health professional, life coach or spiritual guide. Consult with your professional helper before making any major life changes. Thank you.

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Have been dating a lady whom I found with a child. We have had several trust issues because she was listening to thing from outside people concerning our …

I'm starting to heal, but my spouse is not helping herself get better, She is pulling me down. What do I do to keep my healing going? 
I have been doing extremely well in balancing my self on a daily basis following the revised wheel. I am feeling much better and more in control of my …

I struggled to understand the "whys" from the "hows" 
Thank you for affirming what I already knew to be true, but just needed a listening ear and a non judgemental environment to express myself. Your services …

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