I struggled to understand the "whys" from the "hows"


Thank you for affirming what I already knew to be true, but just needed a listening ear and a non judgemental environment to express myself. Your services have rendered me fit to go forth into the area of my calling with passion and purpose - as unconventional as it may seem to others. This truly ranks as one of... the top 5 best investments I have made.

For those of you struggling to understand the "whys" from the "hows" and you just can't seem to "see" how the two may coincide, I encourage you to seek counsel. At Schurmann Counselling & Life Coaching, you will find professionalism met with compassion. A powerful combination that brings forth healing, restoration, and an empowered, thankful client.

Thank you, Shurmann Counselling & Life Coaching.

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Feb 23, 2010
Congratulations for your courage to be honest.
by: John Schurmann

Congratulations! For your courage to be honest with yourself. You listened to yourself, followed your inner voice, took assertive action and found your answers. I wish you courage to be yourself and to enjoy the freedom awaiting you.......

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