Welcome to Life Coaching

Personal Growth and Development Coaching:

Well-Being - positive thinking, EQ management, faith or self-confidence

ADD/ADHD - focus, time/organization, financial management skills

Relationship - marriage, communication, conflict resolution, divorce

Family - parenting, child/adolescent behaviour, structure, bullying

Workplace - job transition, conflict, stress, work/life balance

Career - discover your career roadmap - the right major, right talents

Emotional Healing - skills to heal your emotional wounds, injuries or pains

Life Coaching is...?

Life coaching is a new approach to personal growth. A personal life coach supports YOU to take actions needed to live the life you deserve. With a personal life coach, you find clarity and direction in your life.

Unlike counselling or psychotherapy, coaching believes that you are a whole, healthy, resourceful person. A Coach does not analyze or diagnose you. The focus is the present and future, not the past.

As your personal life coach, I hold you big... bigger than you may hold yourself, until you are comfortable with the knowledge that all answers are within you.

With coaching you discover what makes you......YOU!

I love working with people who want to become their very best. It is my job to help you recognize the gifts that life is offering you and to assist you in being the very best you can be.

I am here to serve you to reach your goals, to feel balanced, to discover your values and to live your life authentically, in alignment with those values.

Coaching is a partnership of equals in which personal growth and development are the most important measurements of success.

As a Professional Life Coach, I treasure assisting people through the process of transcending their current situation and bringing about real change and personal growth. As a registered social worker, individual, marriage and family psychotherapist, ADHD specialist, I have assisted 1,000s of clients in helping them move forward in their lives.

So, How Do I Get Started...?

To find out whether Life Coaching is right for you, or to make an appointment,

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