Benefits of Talk Therapy

For many life is very difficult. They feel highly stressed, have little energy (live on coffee) or struggle with anger problems. Others suffer from depression, addiction, anxiety, chronic pain or physical illnesses.

Snap out of it! We often tell ourselves; "If I could just snap out of it, be more disciplined or take the right prescribed medication, everything would feel so much better."

We all have emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs - and ignoring too many of them for too long will eventually affect our ability to do anything at all.

Most of us do a fair job looking after our physical, intellectual and social lives. However, many of us neglect or abuse our emotions and spirit and lack the skills to properly care for the emotional/spiritual needs.

blocked, painful and distressed emotions do not disappear or cure themselves!

When advised to disclose and explore unpleasant feelings (anger, hurt, fear, etc), we become defensive and find ways to bury them. Blocked and distressed emotions do not disappear or cure themselves. If not processed regularly and properly, the human emotional "garbage can" never gets emptied and becomes an aching stench. The emotions convert into unpleasant feelings: anger, depression, helplessness, indifference, fear, hurt and sadness.

Talk therapy provides an opportunity to learn skills that will keep the emotional "trash can" empty and help develop a healthy self. Healthy emotions stimulate the human fueling system promoting positive growth, strength to create solutions and to manage life challenges. It is the emotional medicine that heals wounds, builds relationships and produces happiness.

Emotional disclosure self-activates an emotional discharge - called emotional medicine. This medicine assists the healing process and sets the cure in motion. Utilizing the natural emotional medicine combined with antidepressant medication (when required) and life skills development is the key to treating, restoring and strengthening the human emotional body.

Maintaining a healthy emotional/spiritual system is as important to life as sustaining a healthy heart. The emotional, physical and spiritual persons are team players in the "game of life". Each player has a specific position in the game of life and is dependant on the other players to score health and wellness. Ignoring any one of these players for too long will affect their ability to score life goals: happiness, peace, love, faith, hope. Living a constant scoreless life will bring on stress, anger, anxiety, depression, various forms of addiction, and many more emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses.

Emptying your emotional trash-can on a regular basis will help keep your emotional person energetic, lush and fruitful!