Learn valuable skills and improve your quality of life

The more stressful life gets, the more people depend on the professional services of Schurmann Counselling and Life Coaching.  For over 25 years, certified therapist and life coaching specialist, John Schurmann, has empowered clients to successfully manage a myriad of personal problems and challenges for an improved quality of life. Practical tools and proven psychotherapy techniques provide quick results and equip clients with the know-how to self-manage their lives more effectively.

“The majority of people need life skills, whether it’s dealing with stress and anger or wanting to improve personal relationships,” John says. “I supplement therapy sessions with literature, readings, and assessment tools so that clients have tangible tools to practice with. These are proven methods that provide very quick results.”

As a clinical social worker, and marriage and family therapist, John draws on extensive experience to customize therapies that address each client’s individual needs. Unlike many therapists, his expertise in life coaching is an additional specialty that benefits clients. A marriage problem, say, may be the result of poor communication skills, and a remedy for one issue has far-reaching benefits, in one’s career and in all personal relationships.

“My experience as a social worker and life coach enables me to take a holistic approach in helping clients,” John explains. “If there is an issue with family dynamics, then I bring in the whole family. In order to solve a specific problem, you must see the big picture.”

Bereavement, work/life balance, confidence issues and conflict resolution are just a sampling of life’s challenges that bring people to counselling. John also works with children and adolescents, including those with ADHD, addictions and behavioural problems at home and at school.

He works closely with teachers, social workers and health care professionals in a team effort to achieve positive results. In life coaching, people rely on Schurmann Counselling & Life Coaching to improve time management skills, assertiveness, emotional and physical energy, and to learn strategies for reaching specific goals.

In recent years, more and more people, as well as employers, are recognizing the benefits of counselling and life coaching services. Many workplace health plans accommodate counselling services as part of employees’ benefits packages. Victims of crime are eligible for counselling through the Criminal Injury Compensation Board, and motor vehicle insurance claims cover counselling fees for those traumatized from a car accident.

“The need has always been there, but, increasingly, individuals, businesses and institutions are seeking out counselling services,” John explains. “Social workers are the largest group of practicing counsellors and psychotherapists in North America. We are not taught life-coping skills in school or from our parents. People are self-learners and, once they have the tools, the rest is history.”