point your teenager IN THE right direction!

In our Career Coaching practice, we have found these 3 methods to be the most powerful when it comes to helping your son or daughter discover his/her career roadmap - the right major, right talents and career:

1. Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is the "Career Roadmap" which will help him/her determine the best career fit and the right College/University major.

2. CareerPlanner Personality Test (CPPT) is the "Personality Blueprint" which will highlight his/her talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses, interests and how they coincide with his/her career roadmap.

3. Jump Start Coaching Hour (JSCH) is the "Life Coach" who will guide your son or daughter in the planning and implementing of the "Career Roadmap".

The wrong major costs time and money
Every year, many students discover they are unhappy with their chosen major. Their motivation level decreases, their grades drop, and eventually so does their self-esteem and confidence. Changing majors results in additional expense and a delay in graduation.

Career Snapshot (Roadmap)
The JVIS will provide a snapshot (roadmap) of your son or daughter's interests as they relate to the world of work and university. It will suggest majors and careers that they will find most satisfying, provide links and resources to explore these areas, and give industry contacts. There's even a University Exploration Guide that will help students choose the right school and major.

Advanced Assessment
The JVIS is the most advanced interest assessment available. Its development spanned a 10 year period, taking as its starting point the accumulated wisdom of 50 years experience with interest measurement.

Make an informed decision
This could all be avoided if students choose to assess their talents, pick the right major and career before it's too late. The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) and a Regular Jump Start Coaching Hour (JSCH) or a Premium Jump Start Coaching Hour (JSCH) can help your son or daughter do this.

Instant Results
All you need to do is make a small investment and we will send an email to your son or daughter with everything they need to take the JVIS and the CPPT at any time. Results are available in less than 24 hours upon completion.

Have Your Son or Daughter Take the Jump Start Coaching Hour (CJSC).

If your son/daughter is looking to develop his/her career roadmap - decide on the right college major, discover/confirm his/her talents and career, or are looking for a career change, but are not sure where to begin, the 1-Hour Jump Start Phone Session is for him/her.

Once he/she knows his/her true education and/or career direction, he/she will understand the work he/she really will love to do. They will be able to confirm that they are heading down the right path. They will also get the right advice on dealing with their current education and career situation. Just 1 hour of coaching over the phone, will bring clarity and confidence to his/her education and/or career direction.

Why Do People Use Our Tele-Coaching Career Counselling Service?
About 85% of our coaching clients are looking for better education and career direction. Some already have a direction in mind and they want to discuss it with an expert. Others know they want a change but are not sure where to begin.

About 15% of our coaching clients want to get advice and direction on dealing with people problems. Most often they want advice on dealing with a parent or friend whose behaviour is somewhat negative.

Who Uses Our Career Coaching Sessions?
Many of our coaching clients are students, parents of students or recent grads.

The students are trying to decide on a college major. Recent grads usually want to know what they can do with their new degree. It's best to start planning and thinking about one's first career in 10th or 11th grade before spending 4 to 5 years and $150,000 on an education.

How to Prepare for a Jump Start Coaching Session?
Have your son or daughter follow the following 4 easy steps in How to Prepare for the Coaching Session?

How Long are the Coaching Sessions?
The most popular coaching session is our Jump Start Coaching Hour call. We spend 15-20 minutes preparing before the call. We study results from the free personality test, the career interest test, the resume and any emails that he/she may have sent.

We don't watch the clock too closely. If the session needs to run a few minutes over, we let it, and there is no charge for the extra time.

We also offer 15 minute follow up sessions, but that's only after he/she has completed the first 1 hour session.

So, How Do You Get Started...

  1. First place your order of choice and provide your son or daughter's email address.
  2. When we see the order come through we will email the Test Access Information to your son or daughter within 24hrs.
  3. Once the tests are completed we will email the reports.
  4. For the 1 Hour Career Jump Start Session, we will email your son or daughter to set a time for session.
  5. At the time of the session we ask your son or daughter to call us.

If you want to talk about whether Career Coaching is right for your son or daughter, send us an email or call the phone number below. Please understand that we may not be able to answer when you call but we will return your call within 24 hours.

Call (905) 944-1711 or Email me
and make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

Career Coaching Pricing

Vocation Survey
Personality Test
Regular Jump
Start Session
Premium Jump
Start Session
Jackson Vocation
Interest Survey
and Report
Advanced Personality
Career Test & Report
1 Hour Career
Jump Start Session

Resume Critique
($65 value)

Two 15-Minute
Phone Sessions
($100 value)

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Additional Benefits of Our Jump Start Coaching Sessions

100% objective education and career direction and advice
100% confidential
High powered, intuitive advice and insight you won't find anywhere else
No risk of backlash from your family
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!