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Welcome to my first "CoachMe Nuggets" Issue. I hope you will enjoy the reading. Feel free to pass it on to your friends, family or co-workers.


What does it take to be a happy person? Why are so many people unhappy?

Ask yourself, "Am I truly a happy person?" Oh yes! I can think of moments in my life when I was real happy. The problem is that this happy stuff never seems to last. So, I would ask myself: "Why can't I be happy with myself at all times?"

How do I know if I am truly happy? I might be fooling myself in pretending to be happy. Well let’s find out. Ready?

In the following Satisfaction Rating Scale, rate the degree in which the following four “Health and Wellness” categories most accurately describe you:(0 = extremely unsatisfied, 10 = extremely satisfied)

Satisfaction Rating Scale

Your Intellectual Health and Wellness - (IQ) ________
Your Emotional Health and Wellness - (EQ) ________
Your Physical Health and Wellness - (PQ) ________
Your Spiritual Health and Wellness - (SQ) ________
Total Score ________

Scoring: 32 – 40 You are Very Happy
24 – 31 You are Somewhat Happy
16 - 23 You are Unhappy
01 – 15 You are Very Unhappy

(The GOAL is to hit 32 and better)
A score of 16 and lower may indicate symptoms of depression. For further assessment, I encourage you to complete the following scale: depression screening test.

Hear how four important keys can help you unlock your happiness.

Four Keys to Being Happy

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