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I am excited to introduce a new service to my counselling/coaching practice.

ADHD Counselling & ADD Coaching

In my work as an ADHDer and ADHD specialist, I see myself not as a psychotherapist who treats a disability, but rather as a ADD/HD Life Coach who helps people, adults and children alike, identify, develop, manage, and celebrate their talents. I help professionals to tailor the workplace environment so as to take the best advantage of the strong points (such as creativity or people skills), while minimizing the negative impact of the weaknesses.

As I like to describe it, having ADHD is like having a race car with a powerful engine for a brain, but with one gear-shift stuck in HIGH speed. Treating ADHD is like adding the missing gears to the transmission and training the ADD/ADHD driver to use the entire gear-shift system. It is coaching ADD-friendly executive functioning work/life skills and self-care skills.

As an ADD Specialist, I help people with ADD/ADHD achieve their full potential through assessment, education and counselling/coaching support.

Does ADD/ADHD impact you as an individual, your relationship, your family, in the classroom, workplace, and community? Do you have a family member, friend or colleague that my have ADD/ADHD?

For more information about my new service, please visit: ADHD - Counselling & Coachin

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