Andrew finished his degree requirements last year!!!!!

(Markham, Ontario)

It has been a long time since I have written and so much has happened within that year.I have thought of you often and wanted to write - but you know what happens when one gets home from work - there is more house work and then a collapse in front of the tv!!!

I have a favour to ask of you but first, I must tell you all the things that I have wanted to tell you since last year. We were extremely busy last year because Andrea got married in July!!! It was an extremely stressful time as we had to deal with Andrew at school and plan a wedding for relatives who all live abroad. Anyway all went well and the wedding was an extremely emotional time for all of us because my mother had not seen all her children together in 28 years and my husband's siblings had not been together in over 35 years!!! So we had a wonderful reunion with a backyard tent for seven days and a Hindu wedding for the groom and a Christian wedding for Andrea. She now lives in Mississauga and works in Etobicoke. I cannot tell you how often I thank you for my beautiful daughter. You taught her to live her dreams and to stay calm. Lately she has been urging me to come and see you too!

Andrew finished his degree requirements last year!!!!! He got 5 straight A's and a B. He is now very excited about history. However, he struggled with a lot of illnesses last year, including shingles which attacked his eye and forced him to stay away from school for three weeks. He decided to return to school this term because he wanted to take a few more history courses. He has stayed at home with us. However, he had a difficult transition because during the first week, he broke his front tooth - which had to be removed and is now awaiting an implant. I do not think that he does well with change and he still gets very anxious. I have asked him about coming to see you and he acknowledges that he has to do so soon, but he says that he has to do too much work now and will do so in the new year. You and I know that he still needs you but you and I also know that it will be at his own time.

I still worry so much for Andrew. It has taken a toll on my lifestyle and my emotions and I now know that I need to see you as much as he does. But I do not want to do so now as he worries when I am sick and I do not want him to think that he is the cause of my stress! On the other hand, I am so proud of him that he completed his degree - that he quit smoking and that he wants to further his studies.

HENCE MY WRITING WITH A REQUEST. Andrew wants to eventually apply into a masters program in history. He has been told that he should try to get rid of a few of his business courses because they were taken when he was depressed and he has so many courses that he does not need them. Would you be able to write a letter for him to support his application to remove these courses please? I know that you had written a letter for him earlier and I have it still. It was wonderful and really helped to give Andrew a chance - which resulted in him excelling last term. If you agree to write one for him and would like this sent, I would be more than willing to do so. Please let me know.

Please do not ever think that we have forgotten what you have done for us. Every day I thank God for you - one is settled and one will need lots of help but he definitely has changed to being a better person with a passion for learning. I know that he would not have been diagnosed without your help and I sing your praises to everyone when I talk about my children's struggles. Please let me know if you can help us.

Thank you,

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Dec 04, 2009
It's great to hear from you!
by: Anonymous

It's great to hear from you. Thank you so much for sharing all your victories and yes, ongoing challenges.

Would you need a new letter, or a copy of the original letter? I think the original letter is sufficient - to use as a supporting document.


PS. I would come for counselling to help with your stress. Nobody has to know. Just keep it confidential.

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